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New to Coin Tricks? Here are 4 Simple Tricks to Get Started !

New to Coin Tricks? Here are 4 Simple Tricks to Get Started !

Most magicians—if not all—start their journey with coin tricks! After all, it is a simple place, to begin with, and doesn't require fancy props and supplies.

If you are someone who has just entered the exciting world of magic, you need a few easy tricks in hand to impress your family and friends. This blog outlines the easiest trick to have a card up your sleeves for the next possible family or friend jamming.

Make a coin disappear

This one is easy but takes considerable time for mastery. By holding a coin in one hand and engaging the other hand to divert the audience, it appears that the coin vanishes while still in the hands of the magician. To master it, one just needs swift hand movement practice and people-engaging skills to trick the audience.

Teleport the coin from one hand to another

Who doesn't love watching magicians move objects from one place to another?

This particular trick involves a mastery of conversation! Yes, you heard us right. Weaving a great story alongside performing the act is the secret sauce of this trick. By placing the coin in one hand closed into a light fist and moving both closed fists in the air, it appears there is no trickery. But, when you slide down the coin from between the index and middle fingers and move it to the other hand, all at super speed, your audience is left in awe.

Psychic coin trick

This is one trick that adults and kids love alike. It requires preparing your coin before going to your audience. All you have to do is mark a distinction on one side of your coin, which you can feel quickly under your skin but is not very apparent to naked eyes. Ensure you engage your audience in a conversation, giving you time to feel the coin under your palm before declaring to your audience which side will come once you open your palm!

The empty cloth trick

You will require one more item than a coin for this trick: a piece of small cloth, preferably a small handkerchief sized. Before coming to the audience, stick a double-sided tape on one corner of the fabric. Show the fabric to your audience, keeping the tape between your fingers. Ensure the tape remains unknown to the audience. Now place the cloth over your palm, and put a coin over it. Now fold the sides gently but quickly over the coin, ensuring the taped side reaches the coin first and sticks to it.

Now reverse the cloth, holding it where you can feel the coin, wiggle it in the air, and reveal the empty cloth with the coin safe under your fingers!

The Bottom Line!

Though sounding simple, the mentioned tricks need consistent practice and time to master! Therefore it is essential to practice it every day before you present them at a family gathering or friends get together. Remember, a good magician always ensures to leave his audience in awe!

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