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Ronjo Fancy Beginner Magic Set - Ages 10 +

Ronjo Fancy Beginner Magic Set - Ages 10 +
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A great magic set for beginners in magic ages 10 and up. This kit contains 10 mystifying effects. We went out of out way to include effects not normally seen in magic sets.

Ball & Tube: A ball mysteriously sinks into and rises from a tube.

Silk From Hank: Produce a silk cloth from the center of an empty handkerchief! (use any hank)
Included: Magic Finger Tip (to be used as a TT) for children and women with small fingers and a 9" silk (colors vary)

Clear Penetration: A card is placed over the center portion of the acrylic sheet. A pencil is pushed through the card and through the panel. Remove the pencil, the card has a hole in it, the clear acrylic sheet is shown to be still solid. Everything can be examined! Includes a pencil and playing card, but you may use your own. Colors and package designs vary.

Magic Water Tube: The magician shows a tube closed with its lid and a bill. He folds the bill, rolls it and puts it inside the tube. Then, he closes it with the lid, a magic gesture and when he reopens the tube... the bill has changed into water!!!! This is one of the numerous effects possible with this item. You can turn coffee beans into real ground coffee, you can change cotton wool into a long white thread, etc. ...You can change anything into anything else as long as it fits inside. This is sort of a reverse, mini Dove Pan. Easy to do!

Crazy Glasses: Three separate clear plastic cylinders are shown and stacked. The magician pours three different colored liquids one at a time in the topmost cup. These liquids visibly penetrate each other and each separates into its own cylinder! Cylinders are un-stacked and liquid poured from each to prove it's real! Includes cylinders and great routine. All the cups are un-stacked and poured out to prove the liquids are real. Includes 3 special tumblers with red and yellow (mix for orange) food dye. You supply water and 3 more cups. Self working.

Clipped Card: 5 images playing cards are printed one card. Turn the card face down and have them put a paper clip on the "odd" color card. Sounds easy but when you turn the card over, the clip is always in the wrong place!

Computer Age Cards: A spectator is asked to choose a number from one to sixty. The magician shows several cards with different numbers on them and asks the spectators to give him all the cards that contain his chosen number. The magician then immediately reveals the spectators selected number.

Color Block Escape: The magic chest has six different colored blocks inside.  Take them out to show your audience.  Put them back, close the box and run a magic rod through the center.  Any two colors named by your spectator will escape harm.  The other colored blocks remain locked in the box! Once you know the secret you can repeat it with any color called for.  No skill is required, great for beginners. Color Block Escape comes with plastic case, 6 colored plastic blocks, 1 plastic rod and instructions. Colors and package design may vary from picture.

Imp Bottle: A funny little bottle that just doesn't want to lay down. You can ask anyone to try and it just won't lay horizontally, it will just get up right away. There is only one person that can make the bottle lay down horizontally and stay down and that is the Magician.

Color Changing Wand: Performer waves a magic wand, which is red with gold tips, over a trick, but nothing happens. Realizing the magic wand is the wrong color, he passes is through his hand, and the wand changes to a "regular" black wand with gold tips, which he uses for the rest of his show.

You get all the tricks plus a professional Aluminum Case that measures 11 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 4 1/2" with padded inside walls, triple rivited corners, locking clamp hinges and carry handle.

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