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SvenPad® Bookstyle, Pair by Brett Barry and Phoenix Mentalist

SvenPad® Bookstyle, Pair by Brett Barry and Phoenix Mentalist
SvenPad® Bookstyle, Pair by Brett Barry and Phoenix Mentalist
SvenPad® Bookstyle, Pair by Brett Barry and Phoenix Mentalist
SvenPad® Bookstyle, Pair by Brett Barry and Phoenix Mentalist
SvenPad® Bookstyle, Pair by Brett Barry and Phoenix Mentalist
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Perfection Meets Paper: The SvenPad®

Genuine SvenPads® are a worldwide phenomenon. You’ve seen them on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, and on THE JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW.

The SvenPads® have been embraced as the professional's #1 forcing device, offering unlimited killer performance ideas limited ONLY by your imagination. They look like innocent pads from your local store, but these exquisitely made props make the impossible possible. Effortlessly. 

Create invisible forces, dual realities, confabulations, standing ovation predictions, and so much more.

Get ready as the SvenPads® are a full show in the palm of your hands.

But the sheer brilliance of the SvenPads® is that everything happens in THEIR hands, under THEIR control.

All SvenPads® looks like ordinary memo pads from your favorite office supply store, but working Mentalists & Magicians realize what a powerful tool the SvenPads® represent. The SvenPads® are offered in a tempting lineup of innovative styles and sizes to fit any performance need - from Post-it notes to Mead style 8.5x11 or A4 notebooks for stage.

Delight In The Details. SvenPad®

When you invest in a SvenPad®, you become part of our community of thousands of passionate & talented users in every corner of the globe. The performers using SvenPads® are a virtual "who's who" of mystery artists, many of whom generously contribute mind blowing ideas on our private user forum.

The original SvenPads® remain far ahead of inferior "copycat products." Once you hold a genuine SvenPad® in your hands, you will never want to leave our pad.


SvenPads® lead the pack with the most unique and advanced designs (The KoD glued spine & spiral binding), new innovations (our Triple Banks), insanely high quality craftsmanship, and caring customer service & lifetime support.

Any language, any idea, any THING is now possible with your genuine SvenPad®

Take a close look and you will see... nothing.


There is no substitute for GENUINE SvenPads® which are cut to an insanely tight 1/45″ (long & short) tolerances. Hold it up close. Once you handle one, you will instantly understand WHY performers are so passionate about them. Genuine SvenPads® fly under all radar.

DO NOT use Sharpie with your SvenPads® Only use WATER BASED inks. , We highly recommend you use a PenTel 1.0 MM Energel penwhich offer thicker lines, no bleed-through and instant drying ink with clear black lines.

As just seen on the JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW! The SvenPad® KøD represents a quantum leap in the world renowned SvenPad® lineup with the world's FIRST spiral binding SvenPad.®

Music for your hands.
® Bookstyle.SvenPad® Bookstyle ups the ante by taking our innovative designs to the next level. These are destined to be the finest handling and best looking SvenPads® ever.

Hand crafted from scratch. With zero compromises. 

With SvenPad
® Bookstyle we've kicked up the fit and finish to create a next generation SvenPad® that contains many small but groovy improvements inside & out.

This SvenPad
® literally handles like a finely tuned instrument, and opens like a book.

June 2015: Brett Barry invents the world's most perfect forcing device, which quickly becomes a worldwide phenomenon and voted as Magic Trick of the Year. 

August 2016: The KoD spiral pads shatter all new ground, with an innovative 180 degree glued spine and illusory spiral binding. 

August 2017: SvenPad
® Bookstyle is introduced. Music for your hands. Instantly notice that pages turn and flip more smoothly (because of our improved silver METAL WIRE binding). Instantly notice the innocent all new cover design with 2 new colors (both black & green).Instantly notice the 25% larger (4x6 inch) format; yet this baby will snugly fit in your back pocket. 

Instantly notice an even larger writing area with our quality custom printed lined heavier paper (same as our KoD SvenPads

No one in the world knows more about genuine SvenPads®  We invented them; The world's most insanely precision Svengali pads in a wide range of incredible styles. All sealed with our genuine hologram authenticity label.  A family of products for our family of customers. Get your hands on the SvenPad® Bookstyle. This is the pad you've been waiting for. (SOLD AS PAIRS. ALL PURCHASERS RECEIVE ONE BLACK AND ONE GREEN SVENPAD®)

SvenPad® Bookstyle, Pair by Brett Barry and Phoenix Mentalist

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