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MIG Vapor


Mig Vapor is a company that was started by former smokers. That's right! People that switched from smoking and started vaping. We tried many brands and enjoyed the freedom from buying cigarettes and the smell of smoke, but we always had something to complain about with every brand we used. However, we loved vaping and didn't want to go back to smoking standard cigarettes.

One day we decided to experiment mixing flavors and talked about problems with the batteries and different components.Since we have electronic engineering backgrounds - this became a fun and challenging endeavor. First we talked about the battery life and power. The Battery seemed to become weaker with each puff, sort of like diminishing returns. So, we did what any group of electronic geeks would do... we tore the batteries apart for a look inside.

We quickly realized that the problem was twofold. One, the batteries were different power specifications from one company's batteries to the next. (This means that some batteries are simply weaker than others.) Its like comparing a car battery to a flashlight battery. Obviously the car battery is more powerful.

Next we looked at power control. The Electronic Cigarette needed a power control board. In simple terms, its an electronic board to correctly measure the power leaving the battery and heating the atomizer (the thing that makes the vapor in the cartridge). By adding the board we could insure the power going to the atomizer is high voltage from the first puff, to the last puff until the battery is depleted.

A Company Is Born

We felt like we had hit on the right design mix, so after some phone calls and design conversations with a great manufacturing company, Mig Vapor was born.

With a power board added, the battery had to be made a little longer to house the new board, but then we had the perfect 4.2 voltage high output e-cig battery!


The Perfect E-Cigarette

We also added the push button; it was our group consensus that we liked the push button better. Why? Well, think of a cigarette when it is lit, it has fire on the end. The fire is ready to go! E-cigs aren't ready to go, you have to puff then ignite the mechanism and wait a second for vapor. We didn't like the puffing and waiting. We wanted vapor power for a good throat hit - we wanted instant gratification. So, with the added button activator we had hot wonderful vapor the same time we puffed! Therefore, we had made the perfect electronic cigarette.

A Plea For Common Sense

That's our story and oh yes, one last thing, if you don't smoke, please don't start vaping.  So, please don't start!

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