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Egg Skin

Egg Skin
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Two great effects you can perform with this Egg Skin!

Egg On Fan: Slips of paper are torn up stacked together and bounced around on a Chinese folding fan. Some of the paper appears to connect to itself and slowly take on an usually geometric form that eventually takes the shape of an egg. Pick up the egg and crack it in a clear glass or bowel!

Rose Pedals To Egg: Pluck the pedals of a white rose and drop them into a brandy snifter. Swirl the glass and the pedals take the shape of an egg. Pick up the egg and crack it on the side of the glass.

Please note: Instructions on how to do these effects are NOT provided. Instructions only tell you how to handle and store the egg. Basic knowledge of misdirection and a simple switch will allow you to be self taught on how to present these magic effects.

This is a real organic duck egg membrane, removed from the inside of the egg shell and packed in water.

Duck egg membranes are better than the Weller Eggs because they are thinner and whiter and show up better on stage.


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