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Shut The Box - Wooden

Shut The Box - Wooden
Shut The Box - Wooden
Shut The Box - Wooden
Shut The Box - Wooden
Shut The Box - Wooden
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Roll the dice, add the sum and close any combination of the numbers in the box that correspond to your number. 5 ways to play! Single or multi player. Read more..

Ships Same Or Next Business Day

Shut the Box is a very popular dice game. With 5 different ways to play, its no wonder players will have hours of fun playing this classic dice game. 

The rules are simple. The box has moving panels numbered 1-12. Roll the dice and add the numbers on the dice together. You can close the panel over the number or a combination panels that add up to the dice total. 

For example, if you roll a "6" on one die and a "4" on the other, you could either close the number "10" or the "5", "4 and "1" or the "7" and the "3". Each player rolls the dice and closes the panels until they can no longer make any more moves. Their game is over, and any open panels count as points. The player with the least amount of points in the end is the winner.

For 1 or more players.

Great for children as it teaches basic math skills. Can be played for fun or as a wager game.

Each game is beautifully crafted and made from stained wood with a green felt lined interior. Includes a pair of dice. 



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