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Why ABC Blocks is such a great kid's show effect!

Why ABC Blocks is such a great kid's show effect!

We will tell you why ABC Blocks is one of the greatest Children's Show magic effects ever released. We will tell you about the differences between a few brands so you can decide which version is best for you.

ABC Blocks is a classic children's show magic trick. It is so good that we carry three versions of it! We just added an inexpensive version to our product line.

I will explain to you what makes this effect so powerful if presented properly as well as the differences between them.

The core of this effect is that one of three blocks invisibly travels from the post while under cover of the tube into a previously shown empty tube. While this presentation makes for a good effect, if presented with some critical thinking and great patter it can be a highlight of your show!

The mechanics of the effect cause the block with the B on it to travel invisibly to the hat. You can say the word BEGONE and the B is Gone from the tube. There is so much more you can do with these props.

You could show the order you place the blocks on the rod. C first, B second and A first. Cover them with the tube and say the blocks will change order. Lift the tube up 1/3 to show only the C block at the bottom. Act confused and put the tube back down.

Doing so creates the classic magician in trouble theme. It looks like you made a mistake. Ask the audience to forgive you and to give you another chance. Hope you can make the block in the middle change places. Again lift the tube 1/3 of the way, and act worried as if it may not work. Now lift to expose only the center block. Now breathe a sign of relief to show the center block to be the A block.

Now for the finale! Everyone will expect to see the B block on top. Say that it is there as you lift the tube up and away to reveal that the block is completely gone! Now reveal that it has traveled back to the hat. 

You have accomplished three things. Failure, Redemption and Surprise.

Why this effect so special?

This effect is strong, entertaining and it fools people. Which is how all magic should be.

Not only are there are a myriad of ways to handle the props (search You Tube for more tips) but there can be real learning with a message in there!

ABC Blocks is essential for a school show or library program.

Talk about the blocks or even sing the alphabet song with the children.

Explain how playing with blocks helps youngsters learn many basic skills.

How they will start them on developing a vocabulary. A is for Apple, B is for Banana C is for Corn, etc.

Demonstrate how blocks can help with teaching basic math. With the blocks show how 1 + 2 = 3. Show one block, followed by two that are placed next to the first one. Then count them to figure out the sum which is of course three. 

Stack, un-stack and rearrange them, maybe add a ball to the mix. While demonstrating how blocks teach the fundamentals of building. How size, weight, shape and balance are important factors in building a solid structure. 

If you are performing for your local church, ABC Blocks will make your performance much easier. Just assign the letters to fit your gospel topics and you will not lose the children's attention. 
A is for Angel, Apostles, Adam & Eve or All Mankind
B is for Bible or Believe
C for Church or Christ

                  ABC BLOCKS

  Eddy's Magic $29.99  Indian Import $99.99    Daytona Magic $120.00

What are the differences between these models?

Eddy's Magic

Value Price Point
Well made for what you receive.
Noise level, very minimal.
Has a second trick built into the apparatus. The pole is a magic wand that when removed from the base, has a feather flower that appears on the base from nowhere.
Gimmick is very thin and looks proportionate to the other blocks close up.
The tube is thin flexible PVC, so you can pretend to grab the B block by squeezing the tube creating a sucker illusion when you make it apparent that you are squeezing it. Then you make the block travel to the hat using the wand.
Blocks are hollow, thin hard plastic.
Blocks are chromed so if you are not fast and people are too close to you, they can see a reflection of green at the bottom of the purple block as you cover the blue block. Or they may see a hollow reflection above the green block. (Be quick if you do not have the appropriate angles and you will be just fine).
Blocks do not look like your typical children's building blocks.

Indian Import

Built solid
Looks great
Metal gimmick thin and pretty close in proportion to the blocks.
Paint might begin to chip or peel off the gimmick after a few uses.
Gimmick is a bit noisy. To help counter this, use the tube to help mask the "talking" so the tube as you scrape the sides of the blocks.
Blocks are plain and rather boring looking.
Product is made in India, so while it will look and work well, the overall quality may not be up to par for some performers.

Daytona Magic
Made in the USA
Sturdy build
Looks like real toy blocks
Wood gimmick is thick and disproportionate the the blocks.Counter this by alternating the angle of the blocks (which is necessary to do the effect anyway) you just have to exaggerate them with this model.
Noise factor. Counter as mentioned with the import model
Wood is a bit course and not sanded smooth.

Please do not let any of the cons steer you away from this clever and entertaining fooler!
I am merely pointing out the differences and I am nitpicking at the same time. Do let the pros help you make the correct decision. If you perform for children, this effect belongs in your act.

Please Note:
If ever any of the high end ones are not in stock and ready to ship, please call or email us. We will order it for you and save you 20% off the price. Just call or email us and we will take you order manually. Please just tell us you read the blog to get the deal.





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