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Super Walking Knot - Pavel

Super Walking Knot - Pavel

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“PAVEL'S SUPER WALKING KNOT” FIRST PRIZE WINNER THE FISM INVENTION AWARD PAVEL’S SUPER WALKING KNOT is probably the GREATEST ROPE TRICK ever invented. Professional magicians from all over the world immediately recognized this and PAVEL’S SUPER WALKING KNOT is being used today by many of the world's leading magicians. Canadian magicians have seen Paul Daniels perform this on “THE MAGIC OF PAUL DANIELS”, TV SHOW. Other professionals to add this outstanding effect to their performances include, Harry Anderson, Ali Bongo, Gaetan Bloom and the list goes on. And now you can add this effect to your show. You will not regret it ....IT’S A WINNER! A feature in any show.

EFFECT: (DESCRIBED WITHOUT EXAGGERATION) Magician ties a 20-foot length of rope between two chairs. He asks a member of the audience to tell him where to stop as he moves the scissors along the rope, it is cut at the chosen spot and the two ends are tied together. Now the magician slowly slides the knot to another position on the rope and unties it showing the rope cut at another position of the rope. The effect is immediately repeated. The rope is retied, the knot moved to another position, anywhere on the rope. Now you can repeat this as many times as you want. The knot can be moved anywhere on the length of rope. In the end the rope is magically restored by the magician stating: “The rope was probably never cut. It was just an illusion”.

PAVEL’S SUPER WALKING KNOT can be performed under any conditions, close-up and completely surrounded by the audience. It’s more than a trick it’s an ILLUSION. It involves audience participation, which adds to the mystery and fun. The props are lightweight and easy to transport. No preparation is required, always ready to perform at a moments notice. This rope routine could best be described as the ‘PERFECT TRICK’.

PAVEL'S SUPER WALKING KNOT is MANUFACTURED IN SWITZERLAND by PAVEL’S TOPMAGIC. Available from Morrissey Magic Ltd. through special arrangement with PAVEL. We are pleased to offer this outstanding routine to our customers. SUPPLIED COMPLETE WITH SPECIAL ROPE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAVEL’S PRIZE WINNING ROUTINE.

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