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Head Twister Illusion

Head Twister Illusion

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  An Unexplainably Mystifying Illusion that Adds Laughter on Top of Great Comedy!

•The "victim" puts their head in a small box inside an outer cabinet box.

•Both cabinets have open fronts, so the "victim" is clearly seen at all times.

•Inside the box is a tight fit, no room to move around or even wiggle their head.
•Everything is ready for the Twister now, have fun with jokes of past victims, etc.
•You grab hold of the massive handles on the top of the cabinet and twist the crank!
•LOUD Crank ! CRANK ! CRANK ! Sounds are heard!
•The "victim's" head spins completely around their body several times!
•Then spins in the opposite direction, then comes back to normal!
•The audience see's the victims face each time their head spins around!
•Perform Surrounded!
•Super Deceptive!
•NO Fake Head!
•Open Front!
•NO Mirrors!
Outer cabinet is 13" x 11" x 14"


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